Hey everyone! As we all know, the Super Bowl is just days away!  But as we also know, the Super Bowl brings great opportunities to the host city. Something that has been top of mind to most people over the past year has been to "go green." Well, the Super Bowl and NFL leaders are definitely not ignoring this trend and have made a conscious effort to go green in Tampa Bay for Super Bowl XLIII!

Back in December, over 1,000 trees were planted throughout the Tampa Bay region. Whether it was individual tree plantings in downtown areas or huge plantings of thousands of trees in environmentally sensitive management areas, dozens of volunteers and area school children joined staff from the NFL Environmental Program to complete the project.

With over 400 native trees planted on the grounds of the Pinellas County Extension and over 700 red mangrove trees planted along the Terra Ceia shoreline located in Manatee County, the NFL Environmental Program, in partnership with the Tampa Bay Super Bowl Host Committee, developed a number of different initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of Super Bowl related events. Some of those include recovery of prepared food from events, solid waste recycling at major NFL events, donation of all leftover building and decorative materials to local non-profits, use of renewable energy to power the NFL Experience Football Theme Park and the stadium on game day, collection of used books and sports equipment for local schools and youth agencies, and travel offsets for the teams and NFL officials traveling to Tampa for Super Bowl XLIII.

Check out www.tampabaysuperbowl.com for more information on the NFL's efforts for going green in Tampa and for more event information. Tampa is going to be rockin' for the next few weeks - so don't miss out on all that the Super Bowl has to offer!