It's an exciting time for the crew at the Glazer Children's Museum offices! Seems like only yesterday we were at the topping off ceremony.

Today another milestone was reached as the Museum launched its new website today, and boy is it gorgeous! Hats off to the guys over at Spark Brands for a very colorful and creative concept that came out looking great!

Special recognition also goes out to the Glazer Children's Museum staff for their vision and direction of the site as well.

Goes perfect with the Just Imagine theme, as all of the moving parts of the site allow you to just use your imagination.

I am a firm believer in how your experience with a brand on the web should reflect your physical experience, meaning you should be able to gain insight as to what your experience at the Museum will be like, by visiting the website.

With this website, its very easy to "Just Imagine" all of the possibilities at the Glazer Children's Museum.

The museum will add to an already impressive lineup of Tampa Florida attractions we have on display as well as giving local and visiting families plenty of things to do in Tampa Bay!