Okay Hokie and Eagles fans, that time you have all been waiting for is finally upon us! 
Its ACC Football Championship time! Congrats to both teams for making it to the end of the road and representing their respective schools.
Being the nice guy that I am, Jerm is gonna give you a sneak peak on where do get all of your travel info from:
  • If you are looking for hotel info or just where to stay in general then look no further than the Road to Tampa Bay Site.
  • There will be a ton of events before the game so be sure to check that out and make sure that you are first in line for all of the pre-game celebration.
  • Of course, in order for you to get in the game you are going to need a few TICKETS. Believe me when I say that this is the best ticket value anywhere so log on and get your tickets before they are long gone.
  • Be sure to give the official fan guide a look see too when you need to know where the stadium and other things are.
As always, let Tampa Bay&Company be your official one stop shop for destination info, and check us out for more posts during the week.