Whatup to my gang of weekend lifestyle blog warriors, Jerm here with a quick update. I guess the title gives this one away pretty easily but this is a big one!

Our friends over at the Florida Aquarium or @FloridaAquarium to you twitter peeps, will be putting on their annual SudsFest event this weekend. For those of you who didn't know, SudsFest is an event where beer from beer from breweries all over the world, will be on display for you to throw back. In addition to all of the "suds," there will be delicious food from local area restaurants all for the price of admission.

If that isn't reason enough for you to head out there, there will be a sea of live entertainment throughout the Aquarium and plenty of opportunities to check out their dazzling exhibits and cool creatures. So have a great time, but don't get too tanked... great line from the  aquarium's website so i had to put that in here!

Jerm won't be out there to give you the live 411 and such but my counterpart Jessica will be out there giving you the low down on the best beers and burgers to try and she will even take a few photos while she will be exploring her inner photographer! So if you can't make it out there then you get to live vicariously through Jess, but I encourage you to try and make it out as this will be one of the hottest Tampa Bay area events going on this weekend!

Well that's all for now and be sure to stay tuned in for more things to do in Tampa Bay!