Hey Tampa Bay, Alex back to give you reptile lovers some exciting news. Busch Gardens is now the home to another Mexican Beaded Lizard that hatched earlier this month.
Mexican Beaded Lizards are one of only two species of venomous lizards in North America. These lizards have venom glands in their lower jaws that allow them to chew venom directly into their prey. There is no anti-venom to counteract a beaded lizard bite.

The Zoo staff decided to name this beaded lizard Gaspar to honor the annual pirate festival. (get is beaded lizard, Gaspar?) Although you couldn't find Gaspar at the parade this past weekend, if you head over to Busch Gardens now, you will get to see this little hatchling.

The little lizard is at Jambo Junction until it reaches adult maturity, and then it will join the adventure park’s four other beaded lizards in Curiosity Caverns.

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