The Super Bowl is not the only "game" in bout Game-works....get once again another cheesy joke, but you should come to expect those from Jerm by now!

Gameworks: Tampa Bay EntertainmentLast week Tampa Bay & Company hosted one of its many fun filled partner events in Ybor City at one of my favorite spots to hang out at, Gameworks! Now some of you may be asking, why GameWorks? Well to those of you who ask that I say why not Gameworks. Video games, food, and adult beverages, what more could a soon to be 28 year old kid (my birthday is this Friday) ask for?

I tell you guys, it's the stuff dreams are made when you can stuff your face full of chicken wings, have a Cape Cod (aka Vodka Cranberry), and then attempt to relive your childhood by playing games like Tekken, Skee ball, Sega Rally, and air hockey all in one place! You always know its been a good night at game works when you leave on a full stomach, your hand hurts from playing video games, and and your a bit tipsy on your way out the door! Hats off to my future wife Valarie White (just joking we are not engaged) over there for being a great industry partner by setting this event up and making sure it was a good time had by all.

In her Director of Sales role. Valerie has also been "Super" busy lately planning parties and events for the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay festivities which will take place this week at GameWorks.

The Dwight Freeney Super Billiards Tournament Party is this Thursday January 29th and promises to be an awesome event. The first 250 people will recieve a VIP gift bag to the event, which will be highlighted by pro athletes players past and present some of which include: Terrel Suggs, Kevin Hardy, Marcellus Wiley, David Terrell, Charles Oakley, as well as hip hop artist Jim Jones!

For more info click the link above, and as always feel free to leave me a comment, or you may even see me there! You will recoginze me as I will be the most handsome guy in the!