Hey Tampa, Lisa here witLightning Vs. The Capitals TONIGHTh more hockey news!

As I was driving home last night from the grocery store, I noticed yet another GO BOLTS banner at the Tampa Convention Center. Like I said yesterday, Tampa is going BOLTS crazy and I love it.

Currently I feel a little like a kid waiting for Christmas morning, I am that excited to be one of the screaming Bolts fans attending the game this evening. I've got my tickets and my Tampa Bay Lightning gear, I'm set.

I did just go online to the St. Pete Times Forum website to get the scoop for this evenings game. First, it looks like the main ticket page is sold out. But I looked into the ticket exchange section of the website (on the left under the ticket tab) and there are St Pete Times Forum tickets still available (though I would act fast).

Second, this game is early, it's at 6:30!!! And you will want to get there early to be able to grab one of the FREE t-shirts!!!! Yes I said FREE!!!! Once you get your shirt, wear it (I promise everyone else will too).

I also found an interesting statistic on the Lightning website. Going into tonights game, the Tampa Bay Lightning penalty kill is 97.8%, making this the highest mark of any team through the first 9 games of the playoffs since the 1987-88 season.

Lastly and most importantly, I am going to continue to encourage you to go online and donate to the Beard-A-Thon. I've checked it out, and there are some mighty good beards.

If you aren't heading to the Forum tonight, head out with some friends and watch the game somewhere! 

Ok I think I've gone on long enough about the Lightning, but I can't wait for tonight! LET'S GO BOLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's all I've got, but check in later for other Things To Do In Tampa Bay!