Foursquare Day is almost here! I am sure everyone is as excited about this as Jerm is... and if you aren't, then you better be as its gonna be awesome!

For those of you not familiar with Foursquare, its an application that you can download on most web enabled phones with gps, that allows you and your friends to find  new ways to explore your city/neighborhood! As you navigate around and check-in at certain places, yo can earn points & unlock badges for discovering new things.

For those of you not familiar with this special day, let me educate you a bit. The purpose of Foursquare Day is to celebrate social media around the world. If you are social media devotee like Jerm is then you are guaranteed to have blast!

There will be live video streaming from cities all over the world and tons of Tampa social media folks involved! What's even cooler is that the concept for this worldwide event originated right here in Tampa!

If you are curious about social media and how it can help you or your business reach out, this is the perfect place and opportunity to do so, as it will be fun and educational.

Celebrate this great day by going out and exploring your city and being sure to check in at all of your stops! Then later that night, be sure to check out the Swarm Party at the Hyatt Regency Tampa Bay! It should be a fun day to showcase all of the Tampa Bay dining, Tampa Florida attractions in the area!

that's all for now, but see you on 4.16.2010, and stay tuned in for more Tampa Bay area events!