Get lost withi FossilFest 2010 at the Florida State Fairgrounds this weekend (Saturday, March 20).  It's from 9am to 6pm, and you'll be exploring the "Land of the Lost" the entire time.  Here's what's happening - 
FossilFest is Florida's largest prehistoric show. View fossils that were found right here in Florida, artifacts left behind by Florida's first people. Educational activities, for both children and adults, to teach the public about Florida's extensive and exciting prehistoric past. 
A time when saber-cats, giant wolves, sharks as big as school buses, and prehistoric Indians ruled Florida's peninsula. Also on display are gems, minerals, fossil shells, and antique bottles during the two-day show.
Tickets are just $5 Adults, 12 and under free.  Just head over to to get more info, but be sure to head out before it becomes extinct!  See you back here for more Tampa Bay area events and great things to do in Tampa Bay.