Hey everyone!  Travis back with more great things to do in Tampa Bay.  The 2009-2010 season of Florida Conversations continues in just over a week...on Sunday, Jan. 31 at 3pm. 

The authors of Ditch of Dreams: The Cross Florida Barge Canal and the Struggle for Florida’s Future will be featured this time. 

Here are the details:

For centuries, men dreamed of cutting a canal across the Florida peninsula. Intended to reduce shipping times, it was championed in the early twentieth century as a way to make the mostly rural state a center of national commerce and trade.

Authors Steven Noll and David Tegeder trace the twists and turns of the project through the years, drawing on a wealth of archival and primary sources. Far from being a simplistic morality tale of good environmentalists versus evil canal developers, the story of the Cross Florida Barge Canal is a complex one of competing interests amid the changing political landscape of modern Florida.

Steven Noll is Senior Lecturer in history at the University of Florida. David Tegeder is Associate Professor of History at Santa Fe College.

And here's the best part...Florida Conversations is free and open to the public, so come on out!  You might even learn something. 

For more information, contact the Tampa Bay History Center at 228-0097 or head over to www.tampabayhistorycenter.org.

Until next time, keep checking back for more Tampa Bay entertainment options and cool Tampa Bay area events.