Greetings Internet enthusiasts!  Jeremy here to drop you an update of the latest cool software updates at our website.

A few months ago back in September, we updated the look and feel of to meet the needs of the tech savvy traveler looking to visit our wonderful destination.  Helping you scout your next Tampa Bay film location, planning a site visit for your Tampa Bay meeting, or simply getting a look of the land before the annual family vacation are things we want to make just that much easier!  So now that I have given you this grand introduction, I would like to introduce our new Video Photo Tour module, or as like to call it..."VPT 2.0!"

Video Photo Tour 2.0This new module embraces Flash Technology, which creates a better looking user interface along with simple to use functionality that caters to all audiences.  With the upgrade of this flash technology, we have been able to open the VPT 2.0 module to be more accessible to Macintosh-based platforms. In the past, these users would experience issues with the postcard function and the usual hiccups when cross platforming, but not anymore!

Being able to leverage multimedia content through photos, streaming video, postcards, podcasts, etc, are great tools to help you plan your next Tampa Bay adventure!    So log on and check it out and feel free to drop me a line or two in the reply section of this post! 

Have a Great Day!