Hello Gang, Boris the handsome Giraffe here again with the answer today's trivia questions. I hope I didn't stump you guys too much, as I deliberately put a zebra hint in there to throw everyone off.

The answer to the questions for today are:
  1. Even though I can outrun them with my long strides and speeds of up to 35 mph, what animal is largely considered my main predator in the wild? A Lion of course...
  2. The ancient Romans believed I was a hybrid of a camel and a leopard (which they referred to as Camelopardalis,") but in actuality, my closest animal relative is what? I will give you a hint... we actually have some here at the zoo, and they are of the "striped" variety. My good friend the "Okapi" is my closest relative.
Well again I hope I didn't stump everyone too much, and thanks to all who played along. Now get off of the computer and go enjoy your fourth of July holiday. Be sure to check out Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo this weekend and come see me and the rest of the gang! I gotta run now and get ready for a night on the town, grassland if you prefer.

As always stay tuned to Jerm's blog for more fun interactive updates and things to do in Tampa Bay!