Happy Monday all! Okay guys Jerm here as promised with your chance to checkout Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2009 here in Tampa Bay with two tickets from yours truly!

This is the last set of tickets I ahve to give away this week so you better oput those trivia hats on so you can be in the place this Friday at Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2009!

Here are the rules again, just in case you forgot...1 - You have to be following us on Twitter.com (www.VisitTampaBay.com/Twitter); 2- Answer the question about Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2009  3 - You have to re-tweet the original tweet in order to be eligible to win (a lot of people forget this one, so make sure you re-tweet separately); and 4 - You have to answer the question(s) on Twitter and be the first to do so. Pretty simple huh!

Here we go!
  1. Name two of the four student designers from last year's show...
Hint, you can find these answers on the 08 Fashion Week Tampa Bay website...

Thats all for now and happy trivia hunting guys! Stay tuned for more things to do in Tampa Bay!