Hello there gang Jerm here with another interactive update for ya. First off I would sincerely like to apologize for my lack of posting in recent days. I just moved into a new apartment this past weekend, and with that comes all sorts of out of the ordinary stress, so PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!

Now that I am finished groveling at your feet, on to the issue at hand. According to CNET.com, Facebook book is getting a bit of a "Facelift"... get it ... face-lift! Wow another lame joke from Jerm! But I think you get the point, as it looks like my favorite social networking tool is making the push to cater more to marketers and brands alike. Facebook hasn't officially come out and announced the update, but here are some of the expected changes thus far according to AdAge:
  • Pages will soon have tabs, making them resemble Facebook profiles.
  • Information shared by pages will show up in Facebook users' news feeds more often, presenting expanded opportunities to attract new fans.
  • Since there will be multiple tabs, Facebook ads can set any tab as a landing page.
Don't know about you guys but I sure am excited to see what the new changes and interface will look like. Anytime I can better bring you more info on things to do in Tampa Bay and Tampa Bay area events, I am all for it! 

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