Greetings Tampanians!  Jessica here with an exciting Tampa Bay entertainment update.... as I announced last week, Cavalia will be extending its stay in Tampa -- now until Sunday, APRIL 18.  That's right, there is still time to experience the mystical encounter between man and horse at the Florida State Farigrounds here in Tampa!!

But, what's even better news?!  Well, as I hinted last week, we will be offering one final set of Cavalia tickets to a lucky winner via our favorite trivia giveaways!  As always, the giveaway will take place on Facebook (at so you must be a fan to participate!  The giveaway is scheduled for next Monday, April 12 @ 10:00 AM. 

However, all participating fans must be available Thursday, April 15 to attend the show (should you win the pair of tickets).

If you missed out on the last few chances to win, be sure to read up on your Cavalia trivia and facts!  Anything from how much grain the horses eat in a year, to the location of Cavalia's world premiere show is considered fair game for the contest...  so check out to refresh your memory.  Please be sure to become a fan on Facebook by next Monday, April 12 @ 10:00 AM in order to participate!!!

Until then, good luck & check back soon for more Tampa Bay area events and updates! ~