Hello Tampa Bay!

Long time, no speak! 

It's been an exciting past few months in the TBSC camp, and July won't disappoint! 

First, let's take a look back at some of the most exciting news over the past couple weeks. Tampa Bay was selected to host the 2014 YMCA Gymnastics National Championship! Additionally, TampaBaySports.org received a long overdue facelift. This page is sleek and fan-friendly.  It's also the place where you can find and follow your favorite Tampa Bay athletes, events, and venues with our brand new Sports Digital Directory! Additionally, our Executive Director, Rob Higgins, was featured in the Tampa Bay Times, and our Senior Director, Jason Aughey, was named Connect Magazine's 40 Under 40

Now, as far as the month of July, we're going to be experiencing one of the busiest July's ever! Three major events will be rolling through the Tampa Bay area over the next two weeks beginning with Red Bull Wake Open! Celebrate this Independence Week with fireworks on the water as the top-36 wakeboarders in the world compete for the title of 'Best Wakeboarder in the World'. 

Shortly after, the Big Buck Expo (Southern Trophy Hunters) will storm the Florida State Fairgrounds (July 12-14). Thousands from around the country will check out the expo that will feature Troy Landry and R.J. and Paul Molinere of HISTORY’S®  'Swamp People'. 

Capping the trio of events will be the 33rd National Veterans Wheelchair Games. This highly anticipated event will begin July 13 and will run through the 18th, taking place across the Bay area. This event will be one to remember. Be sure to get out and cheer on these athletes in competition! 

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Also, here's an inside look at Red Bull Ambassador Day, and be sure continue to our YouTube account and check out the latest in TBSC Multimedia efforts.