Melting Pot of Tampa BayHey there folks! Jerm here with an awesome update for you! Our friends over at the Melting pot of Tampa Bay wanted to give a little New Year's Gift to you - Endless Fondue is back for a limited time!

All month long, from January 3rd through January 31st
Join us at The Melting Pot to eat your heart out with endless fondue for only $39 per person!
This Endless Fondue feast menu will consist of:
  • Unlimited Cheese Fondue of your choice
  • Unlimited Salad of your choice
Unlimited Eat Your Heart Out entree includes:
  • Fillet, shrimp, chicken, teriyaki sirloin and pasta
  • Unlimited Chocolate Fondue of your choice
As you can imagine, a deal like this will have everyone in town rushing over to the Melting pot, so I suggest you make your reservations asap, because Endless Fondue reservations don't last long!

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