My how time flies, or at least it has this past year. It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating Sustainability and Green Initiatives through the Annual Ecolution event, and now here we are right back around again!

One major difference is the new Ecolution Tampa website, which I saw today for the first time. I always love it when a website has a clean design and places the focus on the content and not the design. I can browse around the Ecolution website and find all of the info I need about all of the events going on this week.

For those of you not entirely familiar with Eco.Lution, ECO.lution is an annual series of community focused interactive events designed to encourage the citizens of Tampa to make sustainable choices. It consists of three key events: ECO.expo, ECO.festival, and Paint the Town Green, all of which are great events!

That's all for now, but we'll have plenty of updates this week about the Ecolution Tampa Bay area events so stay tuned for this and more things to do in Tampa Bay!