Ok, we always brag about the great things to do in Tampa Bay.  And we always tell you places to visit while you in town, including where to eat, where to stay, what to do and so much more. 


downtown TampaWell, this time we get to brag a specific area, instead of a specific venue.  Downtown Tampa has just been named Downtown of the Month by the International Downtown Association!  Downtown Tampa, and the Tampa Downtown Partnership received great exposure on the IDA website, including highlights about the Partnership, as well as major events, business happening, residential news, culture and entertainment, green initatives, educational and partnership opportunities and more. 

I can sit here and brag about downtown Tampa all day long, but go ahead and see the story for youself...just visit the IDA website

Ok, now that we got that cool little tid bit in there, it's time to get back to filling you in on great Tampa Bay entertainment and so much more happening around the area.

So, keep checking back and until next time, explore downtown and let us know what you think!