Tampa Bay Area Events: 48 Hour Film Project

Whew! We made it. Our offices were closed yesterday due to Fay, though I dont think I actually saw one drop of rain. In fact, it may be windier today than it was yesterday. I'm a big believer though in the "better safe than sorry" philosophy so I didn't mind the day off from work *wink, wink*.

As promised last week, I have an update of all the winners from the 48 Hour Film Project. So, without further ado....

Best Use of Character
Leftover Films for "Food for Love"

Best Use of Prop
Kelby Cross High A/V Club for "The Rice Inn"

Best Use of Line of Dialogue
Cosmic Waves Production for "Temptation"

Best Costumes
Team JumpCut for "Crime’s a Cookin’"

Best Choreography
Team JumpCut for "Crime’s a Cookin’"

Best Sound Design
Leftover Films for "Food for Love"

Best Graphics
Fireplace Films for "Scarlet"

Best Musical Score
Jim Prosser for "Crime's a Cookin’"

Best Cinematography
Curtis Graham for "A Minute Too Late"

Best Editing
Paula Peterson for "A Minute Too Late"

Best Writing
Bobalu Films for "Square One"

Best Actor
Nathan Jokela for "Square One"

Best Actress
Kaitlyn Terpstra for "The Sale"

Best Directing
Sean Michael Davis for "A Minute Too Late"

Best Film
Team JumpCut for "Crime’s a Cookin’"

Audience Award Winner: Group A
"Square One" by Bobalu Films

Audience Award Winner: Group B
"Crime’s a Cookin’" by Team JumpCut

Congratulations to all the winners!

The Film Florida meetings were very productive and I learned a lot from my fellow film commissioners and industry professionals. At the center of our meetings was the state's lack of incentive funding, after a $20 million cut during the last legislative session. We brainstormed a number of ideas to get the money back for next year - stay tuned for details!

Which film was your favorite?  Drop me a line or two!