If any you are from around the Tampa area you've probably seen or been lucky enough to hear about, the ginormous dinosaurs that greet you as you travel on I-4 from Tampa to Orlando.    If you're not from around here chances are you haven't seen the interstate-asaurus but I can promise you, if you did, you would be just as curious as the rest of us.

Dino World: Tampa Florida AttractionsSo I decided to satisfy my curiosity and pay a visit to this Tampa treasure we call Dinosaur World. One Monday afternoon, I ventured into the Jurassic themed park of the south not knowing what to expect.  Depictions of dinosaurs true to their actual size? Remains of extinct reptiles?  An actual fossil dig?   Well I can tell you that you can expect to see it all here.  Witness dinosaurs in their natural habitats.  See them as you would have seen them millions of years ago.  Creeping in on their prey and sometimes even attacking!

Dinosaur World is fun for all ages but especially the little ones.  I was lucky enough to witness kids of all ages taking part in the extraordinary Fossil Dig.  Here kids can sift through the sands of time and uncover pieces of Amber, remains of extinct animals that floated at sea, coral fragments, smooth shiny stones called agates, assorted dinosaur bone fragments and last but not least shark teeth, sponges and shells!  This prehistoric treasure hunt is sure to please.  

So be sure to pay a visit to this place we cal Dinosaur World.  Check this place out and be sure to tell me what your experience was like!