Hello gang, Jerm back here today with another mind challenging trivia question for ya! Had a lot of people vying for yesterday's tickets so hopefully someone can come away with the prize for today! Once again I have 4 tickets on the line for Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo, one of my favorite Tampa Florida attractions which was also Voted America's # 1 Zoo by Parent's Magazine.

Here are the rules again, just in case you forgot...1 - You have to be following us on Twitter.com (www.VisitTampaBay.com/Twitter); 2- Answer one question about Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo: 3 - You have to re-tweet the original tweet in order to be eligible to win (a lot of people forget this one, so make sure you re-tweet); and 4 - You have to answer the question on Twitter and be the first to do so. Pretty simple huh!

Now everyone knows that Jerm is a big fan of the Zoo and all of its exhibits. My favorite one to visit however, is the Meerkat station over in the Safari Africa area of the Zoo. So having said that, today's question is all about the Meerkats, and since they are so cool, we actually have two questions to tickle your mind! Here goes!
  1. Meekats are not in fact cats, but members of what "suricates-slender-tailed" family?
  2. What "Desert" region of Africa are you most likely to find a Meerkat?
Okay gang, there you have it those should keep you guessing for a while, so be sure to answer the question on Twitter.

Stay tuned for more updates and things to do in Tampa Bay and DON'T FORGET TO RE-TWEET!