Hi all!  Travis back with some really cool Tampa Bay entertainment options, no matter who you are!  You can bet that you'll catch me at this exhibit more than once. 

We are heading out to MOSI for a brand new exhibit that will be there from Feb. 13 - May 31, 2010.  DaVinci The Genius and the Secrets of the Mona Lisa will be at MOSI, Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry, for this limited engagement.

This is the exhibition’s first appearance in the southeastern United States and will shed light on DaVinci’s contributions to modern science.

While DaVinci is widely known for his Renaissance era artwork – he had numerous contributions to the fields of science and technology. From mankind’s first flying machines and scuba gear to musical and time-keeping instruments, DaVinci’s well documented thoughts helped to create some of the world’s greatest inventions.

DaVinci – The Genius takes visitors on a journey through DaVinci’s thoughts, with reproductions of his most famous renaissance art in actual size, a series of anatomical sketches, and entertaining and educational presentations in 3D of the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, the Vitruvian Man and the Sforza Horse. 

The exhibition includes opportunities for visitors to try several of DaVinci’s inventions. Plus, children can express their genius by participating in activities in the DaVinci children’s area.

The Secrets of Mona Lisa, uses patented infrared technology and intense illumination to scan the Mona Lisa and virtually peel away layers of varnish applied over centuries. The camera was able to uncover how the Mona Lisa looked as she was originally painted, including layers of over-painting, restoration and attempts at preservation – even identifying the individual pigments that DaVinci used. 

These amazing revelations are displayed in gallery style and in full on super size, high resolution prints, with the largest being the 14 ft x 10 ft giant infrared of Mona Lisa.

Throughout the exhibition’s run, MOSI will be offering a number of DaVinci events, including artist sketch nights, Italian cooking demonstrations, young inventors events and a DaVinci discussion series.

and there's the scoop.  If you want more info, just visit www.mosi.org.  Like I said, look for me because I'll certainly be out there a bunch. 

Keep checking back for updates about this exhibit (because there'll certainly be others), as well as updates about other great things to do in Tampa Bay!