Things to Do In Tampa Bay: Dali MuseumSurrealistic art with its vivid,intriguing, and usually convoluted and abstract imagery was perhaps made most famous by Salvador Dali. Dali has become famous for not just his off-beat art, but also for everything from his strange long skinny moustache, to his equally strange antics. To get a real feel for this celebrated artist, you would have to go to the museum that has the largest collection of his works. Where would that be? Why the Dali Museum of course!

The museum continues to acquire more artwork adding to its already impressive collection. Even if you’ve never heard of Dali, the daily tours are sure to give you all the necessary information you need to understand and enjoy Dali’s works. The museum itself is set by the water and offers other ‘Dali-ish’ sights outdoors, like a surreal park bench. The museum also holds Tampa Bay area events and meetings.

Dali’s works are usually not understood, or misunderstood, and I think it’s safe to say that even the people who understand his work, are baffled by his technique and thought. But I hear some of you say, "I don’t care about art, and I don’t get it." Well, it’s not just a matter of art, even if you just want to see something different, Dali is sure to satisfy both sides of your brain.

Be sure to visit their website to get more info on hours of operation and pricing. Then check out the real thing the next time you visit Tampa Bay, and be sure to come back and give me portrait of your visit.