Yup that's right I did say FREE!!! Our friends over at Cafe Dufrain are doing Corkage Free Mondays every Monday! Now you may be asking, what that means...well let me tell you!

For those of you not familiar with Corkage Fees (I wasn't up until about five minutes ago), its basically when you want to bring your own bottle of wine to a restaurant and that restaurant charges you a fee to open and consume that bottle on wine on their premises.

Now normally Cafe Dufrain charges about $15 for this fee, but on Mondays, its officially waived.So if you don't wish to sample the wine from their cellar and want to bring your own, feel free to do so on Mondays.

Just be sure to come back some of the other days in the week and sample from their list of red and white wines. While your at it, go ahead and order from the menu and make it a nice quiet evening along the Channelside waterfront! I personally love the Korean barbecue buffalo short ribs, so be sure to order those!

Well folks, that's all for now, but be sure to check back to find out more on Tampa Bay dining delights and hot deals related things to do in Tampa Bay!