One of our wonderful partners, The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, was recently featured in The New York Times' Museums Special Section for being "one of the most significant museums in America” according to George Wachter, co-chairman of Old Master Paintings Worldwide at Sotheby's.  The founder of this gorgeous museum, John Ringling, was one of five brothers who founded the Ringling Bros. Circus - you learn something new every day, huh? 

John and his wife, Mable, always had a love for the arts and collected many pieces over the years.  The Ringling's left the museum and their estate in Sarasota to the state to run along with over 1 million.  The estate began detoriating and was eventually shut down.  The state the decided to allow Florida State University to handle the museum.  The museum is extremely well-known across the country and has a great collection of art.  

Weddings, corporate events and private parties are huge at The Ringling.  I have 3 friends who have been married there and have another wedding at The Ringling in June.  Can't wait to re-visit!  It's the perfect setting for private events.  Be sure to visit if you're in the area - it's only 40 minutes from Tampa, which is great! 

Stay tuned for more info on arts and culture in Tampa Bay!