Hey gang!  Travis here with a request for help from everyone.  In case you haven't heard, Tampa Bay has submitted a bid to the USA Bid Committee host the FIFA World Cup in either 2018 or 2022.  Well, Tampa has made it to the final round of 27 cities that could potentially host one of the round in either of those years. 

But, the USA Bid Committee needs the support from communities like Tampa Bay in order to secure this bid.  In addition to the United States, 12 other countries are vying for the next available World Cup in 2018.  The FIFA, the international governing body of soccer, is currently deciding which nations will host the 2018 and 2022 tournaments and now is the time to show your support. 

The USA Bid Committee has created a petition campaign to help show the level of dedication our nation has to hosting the FIFA World Cup™. 

So, log on to http://gousabid.com/petition to show your support and help bring the FIFA World Cup™ back to the USA, and to our home here in Tampa Bay!

We need EVERYONE'S help to make this happen, so spread the word, pass it along, share it with some friends, coworkers and even people you may not like so we can bring this HUGE event to Tampa Bay for the first time. 

This is some Tampa Bay entertainment that everyone would enjoy in some way or another.  And during the time it would be here, you wouldn't be searching for any other things to do in Tampa Bay...I promise!