Hello all Jerm here with an update I happened to stumble upon earlier this week. Our friends over at the Salvador Dali Musuem have a new website and logo! 

Now as you can imagine the site is well organized with tons of information on the museum from current exhibits, past exhibits, collections, history, and of course some video for you to checkout.

Seeing as how its the holiday season and all, be sure to check out the online store and get yourself some "Surreal Deals." If anyone was looking for a nice Christmas present for Jerm, then this nice little clock would go well in my apartment. Just have it delivered to my work address please!

If you want to get even more interactive and involved with the museum, feel free to check them out at your favorite social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube as well!
I won't give you a full run down of the site and all of its features, so stop reading this blog and go check it out! And also be sure to check back soon as we bring you all of the great things to do in Tampa Bay! Jerm and your Tampa Bay team will be back with more updates soon!