jmsdfHi everyone.  Travis back with some fun information to help you out when the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force arrives in Tampa Bay.  That's right, it's your very own cheat sheet to help you communicate.  Here are just a few phrases that may help you out:

How do you do (upon first encounter):  Hajime mashite

Welcome!:     Yo-o koso

Thank you (very much):    (Doomo) ah ree gatoh (gozaimasu)

Good morning:     O hayo-o (gozaimasu)

Good afternoon or Hello (during daytime): Kon-nichi wa

Good evening:     Kon-ban wa

Good night:     Oya-sumi nasai

Good bye:     Sayoh nara

Please (offering gesture):   Doh zo

How are you?:     Ee-kah gah (desuka)

Are you feeling OK?:    Ogenki desuka

So, get out there and start having some fun learning these phrases!  And don't forget, the JMSDF will be arriving in Tampa (the Port of Tampa) on July 25 and staying until July 28!  Throughout their stay, the Tampa Bay community can experience these magnificent ships, along with their crew, at a variety of events and community activities, including receptions, a family host program, local concerts and even the opportunity to board and tour one of the ships.  Just log on to for more information. 

And keep checking back here for more great things to do in Tampa Bay and other Tampa Bay area events.