Just in case you missed it, it was lights, camera and action yesterday with Tampa Bay & Company at the Tampa Convention Center. About 550 people took time out of their day to celebrate arts and culture in Tampa Bay, area events, Tampa Bay conventions and meetings, and 23 years of success with the Company – and when I say celebrate, I mean CELEBRATE!

Everywhere you looked were vibrant colors, the lights were dimmed down just enough so that the reds, yellows, greens and purples really popped. This year, the entertainment was out of this world! Dressed in bright, sparkly costumes reminiscent of Mardi Gras, dancers on stilts, performers holding up 10-foot costumes and tumblers with guitar props kicked off the event while emcee Gayle Sierens, TV news anchor for WFLA News Channel 8, made her entrance.

As the crowd enjoyed lunch, they heard from Tampa City Councilman Rev. Thomas Scott, Chairman of Tampa Bay & Company’s Board of Directors Sandy MacKinnon, Tampa Bay & Company President and CEO Paul Catoe, and even Salvador Dalí (or at least actor Michael Norton’s impersonation of Dalí).

Throughout the event, each speaker touched on the importance of thinking outside the box, as well as the importance of tourism in Tampa Bay.  And for more of the who’s who, the new Tampa Bay & Company executive officers include Maryann Ferenc, owner and proprietor of Mise En Place, as vice chair and Steve Haley, general manger of The Quorum Hotel – Tampa, as secretary.

All in all, what we can take from this is that Tampa Bay & Company really knows how to celebrate 23 Years of Success! 

If you attended, let us know what you thought about the program (entertainment and all)…or if you have some ideas for next year, feel free to drop a line.