Jerm here with a pretty cool update and chance for you guys to win a  pretty sweet prize! Tampa Bay’s revolving rooftop restaurant, The View at CK’s is celebrating over 35 years of memories in Tampa Bay with a unique Facebook contest for guests.

CK’s Facebook Fans simply share their favorite memory of The View at CK’s for the chance to win a $50 gift certificate! The View at CK’s is a seafood, steak and sushi restaurant, located atop the Tampa Airport Marriott inside Tampa International Airport.

Not only does CK’s offer a convenient location for business and pleasure travelers, they offer the best views of Tampa Bay.

I can attest to that as you haven't seen a plane take off and land, a sunset, or a lightning show until you have seen it from this view!

I had my first real taste of sushi at CK's about a year and a half ago so I have Chef Debra to thank for that. Did I also mention that CK's has the most bangin mashed potatoes that I have ever tasted! For those of you cool impaired people, "bangin" mashed potatoes means very good/tasty.

Now you can enjoy CK’s prix fixe menu with 3-course meal selections for $25. Visit to become a Facebook Fan and enter the CK’s 35 Years of Memories contest. Or  book your hotel and dining package here now.

Be sure to make sure you get out to CK's so you can have a great story to tell and win this contest! It only takes a second to make a reservation so hop to it!

Until next time, be sure to stay tuned in for more Tampa Bay dining updates from Jerm and the rest of your Tampa Bay team?