Since its inception in 1989, The Contemporary Art Museum (CAM) at USF, has house works by artists from the world over. They also host an Annual Juried Student Exhibition. This event always draws huge crowds as there's more art than you can shake a decapitated ear at (sorry about the bad Van Gough pun). This show, like most if not all shows at the CAM are free to the public, and free food and drinks are an added plus. Then there's the fact that the jury is made of famous contemporary art critics who make sure that the artwork you see is always exceptional.

Things To Do In Tampa Bay : CAM ExhibitionThe next exhibiton starts Aug 25, named 'Torolab: One Degree Celsius', it's a series of projects called 'Molecular Urbanism' developed by a Tijuana-based consortium of artists, architects and designers showcase their combined skills in a three part project. For a full discription of what the show is about you can visit the CAM website and while your there also check out 'Mash Up'. This is another show also begining Aug 25 and is ment to take you back in time and display the ' history of destruction as a creative force in visual art, and its resonance in the mass culture realm of popular music.'

Even if you've never been to an art show, don't fret, there is no need to be excessively formal or have any understanding of art. Just grab someone, don't bother changing or fixing your hair (most artist's look like hobo's anyway, I should know, being one) and slide on over to the CAM and get inspired. As always, slide back here and let me know how you like the artwork. Hopefully you'll get inspired to at least doodle when you have a minute to spare, and amaze yourself.