Busch Gardens Tampa Bay BlogHey folks! Jerm here with an exciting, yet nerdy update! Busch Gardens Tampa Bay announced today the launch of a park-specific blog
The new awesome park blog will feature stories from all areas of the park, including animal training, engineering, entertainment, horticulture, culinary, merchandise and more.

It also focuses on providing behind-the-scenes details and other unique content that can’t be found on the park’s .com site, giving you just that little bit of inside information! It's almost like being part of an exclusive club (minus the cover charge)!
In addition to the new blog, Busch Gardens’ on-line presence also include fan bases on Facebook and Twitter, as well as a YouTube channel and their Busch Gardens .com and .org sites. So be sure to stay up to date with all of these outlets for insider info, and be sure to subscribe to the blog feed as well!

Well that's it for now, but be sure to check out the Busch Gardens Tampa blog and also don't forget about this blog as we update you on all of the fun things to do in Tampa Bay!