I had the opportunity to preview MOSI's brand new exhibit last week, and I was truly amazed. Gunther Von Hagen's BODY WORLDS & The Story of the Heart  is a 17,000-square-foot, "awe inspiring exhibition that reveals through the lens of anatomy, cardiology, psychology and culture how this four-chambered muscle nourishes, regulates and sustains life." 

Things to do in Tampa BayI usually don't quote things exactly in my posts, but I don't think I could have explained the exhibit better in my own words. Not in one sentence, at least! The exhibit is laid out in a beautiful and artistic format, leading you through a maze of bodies preserved in Plastination, a method of halting decomposition in the body in order to preserve it completely. There are also clear glass cases throughout the exhibit in the center of the room chambers that display different organs of the body and explain how they work.

MOSI Black HeartThe most interesting cases in my opinion were the ones that displayed different hearts. One heart had a pace-maker inside of it, which was amazing to see how that works, and another heart had an artificial valve. My father had to have his valve replaced with a titanium valve when I was a young girl, and it was incredible to see what it would look like up-close and learn how it worked inside the heart. I wished he was there to see it as well... I need to take him back with me next time. 

I could go on for hours about each and every aspect of this exhibit, but I would rather you go check it out for yourself. It truly is something you do not want to miss. The exhibit opened to the public on January 22 and is not a permanent exhibit there, so make sure you go see it as soon as possible. It does not cost extra during the day, but there is an extra fee for the BODY WORLDS After Dark exhibit. This would be a very unique place to take your meeting delegates for an offsite activity, and I was told that it is possible to rent out the entire exhibit for your group if you would like a more private experience. 

Visit www.mosi.org for more information. Thanks for reading and keep checking back for more exciting Tampa Bay meetings and conventions news!