Tampa Bay Sports: Big East TripHello all! Brooke here, and i’m headed up to the frigid north – New York City – to be exact for the Big East Tournament at Madison Square Gardens.

Tampa Bay & Company is once again hosting the Hospitality Suite during the tournament where presidents, alumni and athletic directors will come to enjoy our southern hospitality. We’re giving away a trip to Tampa as well as a signed box of cigars by Arturo Fuente. Now, I don’t smoke them, but I know that the signed box of cigars is going to be a hit.

Our goal is to entice these men and women to think of Tampa Bay as their “Away Game Getaway” which comparing the temperatures in NY to what we have here in Tampa, this should be an easy sell. I was just looking at the 10 day forecast and noticed temperatures in the 20s! Today’s high in Tampa will be a balmy 70 degrees. Gotta love this Tampa Bay weather! So, I’m on the search for my winter-wear which isn’t very extensive. In fact it consists of a pair of boots, a black jacket and one lone scarf. I’m in trouble. 
But temperatures alone can’t bring folks from the Big East down to Tampa. We will also have to tout our incredible destination, compact footprint, award winning airport and a hotel package that’s close and convenient to attractions, downtown facilities and noteworthy sporting arenas. 
Anyone who’s interested in donating to my collection of winter clothes please let me know. Until then, I’ll leave my flip-flops by the door for when I return.