I have a friend who is leaving town this week as she is moving to California.  She recently got on with a Theatre Company out there to pursue acting full time.  She loves animals especially cats, so I figured that before she left, what better going away present to give a cat lover than a trip to Big Cat Rescue

Big Cat Rescue: Things to do in Tampa BayBeing the internet dork that that we all know I am, I always scope put a website first and see what ticket prices were looking like and just to get an overall feel for the place.  Everything looked pretty reasonable to me as there are a number of tour options at very reasonable price ranges, even for me as the pay check of an internet junkie is not all that lucrative these days!

Just as I was about to log-off, i happened to notice a link to the left that said "free stuff!"  Now you know Jerm loves his free stuff so I had to check it out and see for myself.  Wallpapers, coloring pages, ringtones, and of course my favorite...GAMES!  I grabbed a wallpaper and a ringtone and considered a coloring page, but as you can image, I am at work, so not sure i should be coloring on company time!  So now I have a bobcat wallpaper on my desktop at work, and a ringtone of Cameron the Lion (which I have assigned to my ex-girlfriend who has a similiar roar that strikes the fear of god into me).

Lots of games on here to keep you interested for hours at a time.  I paricularly can't seem to stop playing:  Dragger Puzzles, Big Cat Bingo, and Memory Match, so before you make the drive over to 12802 Easy St., I suggest logging on and playing around on the site like I did.

If her schedule permits and we make it out this week, I'll be sure to post pics for you guys.  Be sure to get out to Big Cat Rescue and tell them Jerm sent you!  Leave me a comment if you make it out there to tell me how your trip went.

p.s. Say hi to Carole for me!