Hey Tampa Bay, Alex here to tell you about a family fun book signing taking place next week. 

Nancy Stewart, bestselling author of the book, One Pelican at a Time: A Story of the Gulf Oil Spill, will read and sign copies of her book at Book Nook by the Bay on June 4.
the pier
Released in February by Guardian Publishing, One Pelican at a Time has been on Amazon's Bestseller List of Children's Books for nine weeks and has been nominated for a Global eBooks Award.

Head on out to Book Nook by the Bay, which is taking place at The Pier Aquarium in St. Petersburg.

Admission: $5, adult, $4, student/7+ and senior/65+ and free to members and children 6 and under.

For more information on Book Nook by the Bay, contact Emily Stehle at estehle@pieraquarium.org, or check out www.pieraquarium.org.

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