Hi Everyone, Christina here with more interesting stuff from Tampa Bay.

The Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center is most likely considered the vehicle for arts and culture in Tampa Bay. I had the privilege of having a personalized the tour of all five halls by Angela Lakin the Marketing manager of TBPAC.  But, what most Tampa Bayers don't realized is the center includes the Patel Conservatory.

We started with the Conservatory which entails numerous dance, acting and music studios. They offer courses in the disciplines mentioned and also host workshops, just to give you a feel for what the center has to offer. All in all, the center does not only provide the showing of theater, opera, musicals and other various shows but also provides a strong platform for performing arts as an education and learning environment. 

Next was Carol Morsani Hall of course, the operatic styled theater has a different feel for it when it is not packed with an eager audience. It is larger than life and can hold just over 2600 people. The acoustics are amazing either way and we should be proud.

Ferguson Hall, is typically a Broadway oval style theater which can seat around 1050 people. I am happy to announce as of November later this year, the production of 'Wonderland' will open. A heads up to those patiently waiting another exciting show. Jaeb theater is a cabaret style hall inclusive of the little three-seater tables and more. The musical production of 'Respect is currently running there. Woo-hoo!! to all the woman-power out there. 

Lastly, the Shimberg Playhouse... better known as the little black box. Seats an audience of a 130 with shows ranging from comedians and small theater companies. Don't we love a cozy intimate theatrical experience?

All said and done, everything about the center is well-kept and fashionably presented. The well-equipped dressing rooms, costume check-out room, massive loading dock and the capacity of such a large magnitude is only a few things that are seen to the naked eye but isn't the heart of the center; TBPAC does not come to life without the real deal.

The hard work that has worked there and walked the hallways, the precision of a dance step, the harmonious lyric of a song, the power of the actor, the direction of the instructor on and off stage is not forgotten but imprinted in the memory of this place. Let's not forget the people who continue to support and nurture these shows behind the curtain, out of the spotlight. Cheers.

Everyone has a part to play and each individual does it to their best ability. It is all we can really do at the end of the day.

That's all for now and be sure to stayed tuned for things to do in Tampa Bay. Peace.