Hi internet peeps. Jerm here with a new interactive update for you. Well I just flew in from Tucson last night and boy are my arms tired! Oh yea, now that was a corny old school joke for you!

Yeah, so I got in from Tucson, AZ late last night around midnight and am going to make the attempt to brave my way through work today. As you may know if you were paying attention to my Tweets all week long or my post earlier in the week when I was on the plane, I spent the week at the Simpleview CVB Summit.

This event is put on by Simpleview Inc. one of our favorite technology partners, who are largely responsible for just about everything we do web and technology wise on our website.

This was my third time going to the conference in the four years that it has been around, and I must say that this one was the best yet. Great, informative sessions about the travel industry and the web, as well as information on new strategic partnerships and my favorite part...sneak previews of the latest new web tools and software.

Needless to say I came back with a ton of knowledge and new ideas as far how to go about making our website serve you better when planning your travel arrangements and educating you about our amazing destination. In the coming weeks you can look to hear more about the updates from your Tampa tourism team and I’ll be blogging about each of these updates, new as well as those that are stuck in my head, so I will definitely want your feedback.

Until then keep tuned in for more things to do in Tampa Bay.