Hey everyone!  Travis here with an update about a project we have been working on.  I recently told you that we scoured the Tampa Bay area for a video we are producing.  The film is all about the benefit of tourism in Tampa Bay.  We all know about tourism, but now we are putting a face to tourism.  


Well, now it's time for all of you to participate in the film.  The film is culminating in a group video shoot at the Westin Tampa Bay Airport on Rocky Point Drive this Thursday, April 2 at 11am.  We need anyone and everyone who has a stake in the tourism industry to show up and support this effort.  The shoot will take place on the deck/beach area behind the hotel.  


We will be all done by 11:45am, but if you want, you can stick around for a few minutes and give us a short testimonial about why Tourism matters.  These testimonials may be used in the video, and they will definitely be used in future marketing initiatives.  


So, make sure you are at the Westin Tampa Bay Airport on Thursday, April 2 at 11am.  If you need more info, just drop a line...and let us know if you'll be there!  


As far as Tampa Bay area events go, this is one that we need your support with.  We'll bring you more info as we get closer, but make plans to be there.

And keep checking back for more Tampa Tourism information.  


See you at this Tampa Bay hotel.