Things to Do in Tampa Bay: Book Your TravelOkay as promised, its time to get you the second portion in our online booking engine series!  Today's portion is focused on rental cars and the quick and easy process of booking that vacation rental at the Tampa Bay & Company website.  I know I promised you this yesterday, but its been a busy week as I missed last weeks episodes of Star Trek, so I had some catching up to do! 

Step One:  Okay so lets get started, as always we start off at our home page on the site and just navigate to the "Cars" tab on the booking engine. 

Step Two:  Be sure to fill out all of the relevant information here such as: Pick-Up City, Drop-Off Dates, Pick-Up Dates, Car Type, Etc. 

Step Three:  Click the "Search" button down at the bottom to bring up the results page based on your preferences.  Be patient while the results load...I promise it won't take long!

Step Four:  I am feeling like letting the wind flow through my hair (or lack of it) so I decided to go with the convertible option as my choice or car type.  Almost done, so here are the next few steps:
Well gang I wish I could say it was more complicated, but that's pretty much it.  Once you submit your info you will get a confirmation with all of your details that you can print and bring with you when you pick up your rental.

Stay tuned for next week as I take you through booking your airfare.  I promise also that I will try and be on time for next weeks update also. 

In the meantime let me know if you have questions or comments on anything, or if you know of another cool online travel booking site out there!