Book with us for your next Tampa Bay Meetings or conventions.Darn I am late again with this post aren't I!  Part three of the "At Your Service" series is all about the airfare!  So in case you don't want to rent a car and make that long drive from Chicago, New Jersey, Ohio, or wherever it is you hail from, then let Jerm show you the way! 

Booking airfare on our website is pretty much the same simple process as the previous two tabs.  So let's start from the home page of course as we always do.  First off, make sure that you are on the "Flights" tab on the booking engine.  The next set of options can be a bit tricky so let me go through them with you:
  • Exact Dates - Pretty simple here, as these are the e exact dates you would want to travel.  The radio button next to that means if you don't know the exact dates, then give it a range of 1-3 days.
  • From - The Airport you are departing from.
  • Depart Date - The Date you are leaving.
  • Return Date - The date you are coming back home.
  • Return Time - Try and specify which time of day you would like to arrive from your trip.
  • Adults, Seniors, Children - Lastly, be sure to specify who is traveling with you on your trip.
  • Search:  Do I really need to explain this!
So once you hit the search button, give a few seconds to populate your results.  You should now see a page with all of the relevant flights for your suggested dates and times with pricing options.  If you feel like you made an error somewhere in the search, feel free to hit the "change your search" button and move some things around.  This page of results can get pretty lengthy, so if you need to see more check the bottom of the page if you need to see more flights.

Be sure to review the trip summary as well as pricing for your trip and all information you entered before moving forward with your purchase.  If you have an email address that you check regularly then I would suggest getting and confirmation of your electronic ticket just to be safe.  After that, then its time to open up the wallet and whip out the credit card to pay for your purchase

I should also mention that during the final step of the booking process you do have the option to pick your seats, based on the availability at that time.

Well folks that's pretty much it, so get to booking as its gorgeous this time of year in Tampa Bay!  As always leave me feedback if you have trouble or experience issues when booking your flight.