Hotels Tampa Bay: Online Booking EngineOkay gang so last week I told you guys that we were starting the Booking Engine tour this week and I must apologize but it doesn't look like I will be able to do it this week.  JUST JOKING!!!  Of course I can walk you through it!  I can see the look of heartbreak on your face now when I broke the news to you.  I would never do that as I try and always keep my promises to my favorite set of internet users (that would be you).

As promised, we are going to start of with the "Hotels" tab on the booking engine.  Now be sure to pay attention and raise your hand if you need me to stop and answer a questions.

Step One:  Either visit our home page at, and use the booking engine located at the lower left hand side of your screen, or just click anywhere on any of the interior pages on our site to the left side of the screen to find the "Book Your Trip to Tampa Bay" button.  You can also see this button to the right of any of our blog posts.

Step Two:  Once you locate the booking engine, make sure you are on the "Hotels" tab and have the following information ready as follows:
  • Check-In Date
  • Check-Out Date
  • Number of Rooms Needed
  • Number of Adults and Children
  • Smoking Preferences
Step Three:  Once you provide the information in the above bulleted points, click the "Search" button at the bottom of the booking widget.

Step Four:  After hitting the search button, give it a few seconds as it populates the availability of our member hotels based on your preferences.  Once you are at the results page, have your pick of our selection of hotels.  You can sort the results of your sort by price and hotel name, as well as alter the dates of your visit.

Step Five: Next, you can view the availibilty of any of our hotels in real time!  Once you are ready, just go ahead and click on the book now link and you are on your way!

Step Six:  Now come the part that we all hate, and that is actually paying for your trip, but hey, we gotta pay my salary somehow!  Just joking, as I never see any of that, but I promise it will be worth every dime!  Submit your info and click the "make reservation" button and you are on your way!  Give it a few ticks while it processes your reservation, but you are all set.

You will receive an email confirmation with all of your trip details shortly after your submission.  See, I told you it was easy, but if I left out anything or went to fast, drop me a comment and let me know!  Other, wise happy bookings, and we'll see you when you get here!