Last night I was fortunate enough to dine out at The View at CK's, Tampa's premier (and only) revolving rooftop restaurant.  Now I know what you are thinking and the answer is yes, when Star Trek isn't on television, I do actually get out and mingle a bit. 

Normally before trying something new, especially food, I do take a bit of a cautious approach and research via various internet searches just to be sure. I found the listing on the Tampa Bay & Company website of course, and it sounded like a win-win situation, so of course next I had to find a date!  Now, unfortunately you can't find a date on the Tampa Bay & Company website (sorry to disappoint) so I had to break out the little black book (actually its more like a post-it note with two phone numbers on it, one of which happens to be my sister). After making a call or two,  I had a dinner date and I just needed to make reservations. Luckily though, CK's has taken care of that also with their online reservations system.  They even have gift cards available for purchase for that special gift-giving occasion.  Man those guys thought of everything!

Sushi at The View at CK'sInspired by the culinary genius of the amazing Chef Debra, CK's was unlike any other restaurant I had experienced.   In addition to the great food, I mean many places can you dine at with a revolving rooftop!  We started off with a fine selection of sushi that included: 
  • Key West Roll - Amazing!
  • CK's Roll - Sinfully Delicious!
  • Japanese Bagel - Very Tasty!
Normally I can't really say that I am a big sushi fan, but when a pretty girl asks you to sample the sushi on her plate, I would suggest you reach for the chopsticks!  After nulling over the menu and feasting on some sushi, it was time to get to my main course.

Tonight it was the "Herb Roasted Free Range Chicken."  I will pause for a minute and give you a chance to wipe the drool off of your chin... I can testify in court that it was just as tasty as it sounds.  Layered with Spinach, Boursin Cheese, Mashed Potatoes and Tomato Chicken Jus (Please continue to drool), this was a fine meal for Jerm that hit the spot!  

We were a bit too stuffed to have dessert though, so I am going to need you to stop by CK's on my behalf and sample the dessert selection. I do plan on going back so your input will be greatly appreciated.

I'd highly recommend this place for your upscale dining delight, and when you cosider that you plan the entire evening through the Tampa Bay & Company and CK's websites, its just that much easier!  So be sure to stop by CK's and get the skinny on the desserts for me and don't forget to tell'em Jerm sent you!