Hello all! Jerm here with an important update for you guys! I know you are now thinking...Jerm what are you doing on the Convention Sales blog? Well I guess you just never know when or where I am gonna pop up on these blogs!

The AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) will be descending on Tampa Bay next month as they host the first AOPA Aviation Summit!

I was just looking at the programming on the website, and boy does it look pack full of goodies for attendees!

With daily summit sessions, expo hall & center stage, airport fest, and and all of the great forums that you would expect, I am thinking that you will be a pretty busy camper.

Now that is assuming that you have already registered for the event and taken care of your lodging. If you haven't then I must ask, what the heck are you waiting for! Once you arrive here in our great city, be sure to take full advantage of our Tampa Bay nightlife scene, as well as enjoying the Tampa Bay weather!

during the conference, be sure to check out the AOPA Twitter site as well for real time updates and such!