As your local interactive marketing guru, I spend countless hours focusing on ways Captain Picard and the make traveling to Tampa more convenient and fun. When I am not playing soccer on the weekends, or watching old Star Trek:  The Next Generation re-runs, I find myself scouring the World Wide Web looking in search of the hottest trends in the industry. 

Having given you that wonderful introduction to my daily duties, I recently completed the digitization of our 2008 Travel Planner, a popular trend that is really optimizing our website visitors' experiences .  This comprehensive guide supplies travelers with a wide variety of information about the destination.  We offer the print version that we are more than happy to deliver to you at no charge, but for the impatient individual (like myself) who has to have it now, we offer the interactive version.

Digital Visitor GuideWith convenience continuing to be a major factor in the tourism business, providing a stress-free experience for all visitors is paramount , and with the interactive planner, there’s a ton of information, just a mouse-click away.  Within the planner, you are exposed to a brief introduction to Tampa, how to get around, where to stay, things to do, dining and nightlife, and even area services. Additionally, an interactive regional map helps visitors navigate the Tampa Bay area.

So whether you are looking for the hottest Tampa Attractions, A golf get-a-way, or simply want to scout our fine selection of hotels, log onto, and browse around and get the lay of the land before your visit!

Feel free to visit our site and request a physical copy of the book.  Stay tuned for the next update, and feel free to drop me a line.