Linda Mummert here reporting on two of our very own Sales Managers, Amy Trautman and Jeff Gassaway.  They are attending the Annual 2012 MPI-World Education Congress in St. Louis, MO.

World Education Congress's educational focus is based on one simple and powerful statement: connectivity is the foundation of our industry.  With a laser-like focus on content and quality, they reduced the number of educational sessions to allow attendees to focus on specific interest areas.  In addition, they added new sessions to this year's assortment.  These new sessions give attendees the best tools, exposure to sound business practices and reveal the latest business trends.  All of this allows attendees to hit the road running with new skills and information in order to make them more successful.
 WEC's Opening General Session will bring the notion of connectivity full circle. Forty years ago, MPI started on the foundation of connections and authentic relationships before technology was used as a tool for everyday communication. During the opening General Session, Jonah Lehrer will discuss the undeniable power of being connected to others and how that affects our creativity and innovative abilities. He will focus on the need for human interaction and how authentic relationships create the possibility for new ideas. The underlying message of the OGS is that together, we can achieve more than we imagine; together, we do change the world.

In addition to attending various educational seminars and focus groups, Amy and Jeff have pre-set appointments with Meeting Planners to discuss future business in the Tampa Bay Area.

Amy and Jeff are hosting a client event Monday, July 30th at the Kitchen Conservatory for a hands on cooking class.  Fun will be had by all in attendance.

Well, it is over and out for now.  Until next time.