In case you hadn't heard, Tampa Bay is a premier destination for the hottest events around.  This was without question on showcase, this past Friday at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center as Randy "Jackson's America's Best Dance Crew Tour" came to town. Once again Jerm somehow managed to find a date to the event.  What makes it even better was that she was cute, and as big of a nerd as me (she majored in computer science in college)!

Tampa Bay Area Events: America's Best Dance CrewI must admit that I have not once seen the show, as the reality TV scene lately has become a bit of a bore, but about five minutes into the program I had pretty much made the decision to tune in next season. 

Some of the things these guys and gals can do on stage simply defy words, not to mention gravity.  I mean seriously, who break dances on skates!  I can barely walk in a pair of skates, much less do handstands, back-flips, and spin on my head.  Those guys from "Break SK8" really put on a show as I would have to rate them as my 2nd favorite crew.  

I would have to give my biggest thumbs up however, to the crew from "JabbaWockeez." as words can't describe those performances throughout the night.  I was especially impressed with the tribute to the Jackson 5, as well as some old school Michael Jackson thrown in there.  Seeing some of those skills on display take me back to my youth when I was an aspiring break dancer and was glued to the television screen when Breakin first came out on beta max...yes I do go that far back!  Needless to say my break dancing career never took off unfortunately.

The Performing Arts Center's Carol Morsani Hall was packed with high school aged kids screaming their lungs out (I know this for sure, because most of them were sitting right next to me), and by the end of the night my ears were ringing!  It was truly an event to remember as the gang over there at the Performance Arts Center always bring the best entertainment to the Bay Area!

If you were there, leave me a comment and let me know what you thought!