Every traveler has experienced: that moment when the big board at the airport reads "CANCELLED" and there are no more flights out that day.

Time to find a cozy corner of the concourse. You're spending the night in the airport.

If that happens to you, consider yourself lucky if you're bedding down at Tampa International Airport.

Not only is Tampa Bay's gateway to the world among the best airports on the planet in customer surveys, it's also to top airport in the U.S. to wait out an overnight delay.

That's according to "The Guide to Sleeping at Airports," a website that lives up to its billing.

Though the airport itself is quite large, the hub-and-spoke design makes your journey from the curb to gate beyond fast and efficient. Other bonuses here include the constant cleanliness, the natural light, the excellent food options, the great views, the permanent art exhibits and the fast free Wi-Fi. Sleep-wise, voters praise the comfortable temperature for sleeping.

And if you want a real bed instead of spreading out across half a dozen seats in the waiting area, there's a handy dandy Hilton attached to the airport.