IKEALooking for fun, cheap activities to keep the kids entertained while they aren't in school? Katy here, to let you know that one of our partners, IKEA Tampa, has the perfect solution!

IKEA Tampa Kids’ Academy offers kids under 12 years old free activities, a free meal and a free IKEA Tampa Kids’ Academy t-shirt…talk about a great deal!

The activities last 20 minutes and start at 11:00am, then repeat at 1:00pm, 3:00pm, 5:00pm and 7:00pm, on the following dates:

October 21, 2011: Keep your school supplies organized by personalizing a GLIS box.
November 11, 2011: Students can make a flag to honor our service men and women.
November 21, 2011: Use your hand print to make a festive turkey decoration.
November 22, 2011: Use our PYSSLA craft beads to design and make a special decorative item.
November 23, 2011: Use our DUKTIG baking set to make cookies for your holiday guests
November 25, 2011: Kick start the holiday season by making your own wrapping paper with our MALA paints

To find out more information about Tampa Bay area events and activities going on at IKEA Tampa, visit their website by clicking here!